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Silver Dream Aussies RiceFlower


Kép Kép










sire: HJCH. Accra Shock N’ Roll

(Am.CH. Eng.CH. Heatherhill Shock N’ Awe x Accra Imno Muggle)


dam: HJCH. That’s Fine du Clos des Duchesses

(Punch del’Igloo des Sables x Lively)

 date of birth


 colour and markings

 blue-merle copper and white




 full dentition, scissore bite




Official hip score: too young

Eyes clear: PRA, CEA, Cataracta

Breeder : Judit Korózs-Papp, András Korózs – Silver Dream Aussies Kennel

Owner: Zsófia Biró

Sport/other activities: agility, bikejöring, canicross